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Course announcement - Application deadline, July 15, 1998


NOVEMBER 5 - 10, 1998


Pearson, William, Ph.D., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Smith, Randall, Ph.D., SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, King of
Prussia, PA

Beyond BLAST and FASTA - The Computational Genomics course presents a
comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of computational
methods for gene identification and characterization from DNA sequence
data.  The course focusses on approaches to extracting the maximum
amount of information from protein and DNA sequence similarity through
sequence database searches, statistical analysis and multiple sequence
alignment.  Additional topics include gene recognition (exon/intron
prediction), identifying signals in unaligned sequences, and
integration of genetic and sequence information in biological
databases.  The course combines lectures with hands-on exercises;
students were encouraged to pose challenging sequence analysis
problems using their own data. The course makes extensive use
of local WWW pages to present problem sets and computing tools to
solve them. The course is taught using Unix servers and X-windows
terminals; participants are expected to be comfortable using the Unix
operating system, the GCG sequence analysis package, and a Unix text
editor (programming knowledge was not required).  The course is
designed for biologists seeking advanced training in biological
sequence analysis, computer core directors and staff for molecular
biology or genetics resources, and for scientists in other
disciplines, such as computer science, who wish to survey current
research problems in biological sequence analysis.

For additional information and the lecture schedule and problem sets
for the 1997 course, see:



To apply to the course, you can download the application form or
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or send email to: meetings at cshl.org


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