EXCEL 7.0 Chart functions

Jan Olivier janni at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 17 05:15:54 EST 1998

Hi to everybody!

                   I'M SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH!

Using MS EXCEL 7.0 I'm analyzing statistical data. Those data shall be
displayed in a columnar diagram. Since weeks I'm looking for a
possibility to add bars for the standart deviation and/or the standart
error ( 'error bars' )to my columns. The problem is not calculating the
standart deviation or the standart error, the problem is adding this
information to my graphics.

The style I'm looking for:

         |      <--- 'extra' bar  ( e.g. 'error-bar')
      |     |
      |     |   <--- 'normal' coulmn ( e.g. representing 'mean' )
      |     |
______|_____|__ <---  X-Axis

If anybody knows a way to do this kind of graphics with EXCEL please,
please mail me immedeately... (I know lots of programms to do this stuff
but only EXCEL is what really would help me...)
Perhaps there is some Makro or an Add-in ?

Thanks in advance ... joo

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          | Jan Oliver Olivier  -----  1998 |

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