Plasmid-drawing software wanted

Dr G.S. Briggs gsb7 at le.ac.uk
Tue Jun 16 11:03:05 EST 1998

In article <35865D7A.C8078F47 at uni-wh.de>,
Andreas Savelsbergh  <asavel at uni-wh.de> wrote:
>I'm searching since long time a decent software for the PC which can be
>used to draw nice pictures of plasmids (for use in a thesis) showing
>cloning strategies etc.
>Does anybody know such a software? Even a free one? How do you draw your
>plasmid maps?

The best one I have seen, and used, is Plasmid Processor, which can be
downloaded from


They do talk about releasing a new version soon, but that will be a win95
only package.

If you want to mess around a little (use the backdoors in the package), you
can also use the demo version of Vector NT, which is nice and powerful,
but difficult to use if you don't want to buy the full registered package.
This can be found at 


Like I said, it's a nice programme, but expensive to buy, and the demo
is limited. I would recommend looking at Plasmid Processor

Geoff Briggs,
University of Leicester

gsb7 at le.ac.uk

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