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	PGegen at UKans.nolospamare.edu (Dr. Peter Gegenheimer) writes:

> First, keep  your computer out of the cold room ...
> Second, reformat & install OS/2 Warp... (or buy an SGI O2).

	Fantastic!!! A new flamewar!!! Can I play with you???

	According to : Gert Vriend. 

WHAT IF does not run equally well on all SGI O2 machines. WHAT IF does 
not run properly on high impact graphics machines. WHAT IF does not run 
properly on SGI's with operating system 6.4 or higher. 

SGI is puting bugs in their new releases faster than that I can make 
work-arounds. If you want WHAT IF to work properly on any of the above 
mentioned machines, please put some pressure on you local SGI representative 
to let them support me better. Otherwise, just buy a Linux-based PC; That 
saves you half the money, WHAT IF runs better on those, and the graphics 
is also faster. 

Sorry, but it is just me alone doing all the programming, and we have a 
scietific review coming up.... Gert. 

	Sorry. Please respect the Followup-To

						François (Linux addict).

P.S.: Modeller also run very well on Linux machines, even on my little P200.
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