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Robert Negm rnegm at med-med1.bu.edu
Wed Jun 3 11:09:48 EST 1998

To whom it may concern,

This is in response to the several emails last week I received last week
asking, "I have downloaded StrainMan 1.0 from your web site at
www.caesarsoftware.com, now what do I do?"

Here are my answers.

First, StrainMan is a powerful database that manages detailed
information related to microbial strains for the individual laboratory.
Users may enter their strain information including PICT files into
strain records and assign a precise description of the frozen culture's
location in your laboratory. Therefore, once you have download the
installer and installed wither the Mac or Windows version of the program
on your computer, then start creating strain records by pressing the new
button to the right of the list and enter in the appropriate information
into each field. Users can also describe the media requirement for the
growth of each strain in their collection, thereby facilitating the time
required to design an experiment.

Second, the program allows users to customize their database by adding
their own constructed plasmids, phage, transposons, antibiotics, and
nutrients. This allows fast development of strain records. For example,
tab to "Plasmids" on the main list and create a new plasmid, then save
it. Then edit an old strain record and attach the new plasmid to a
strain record."

Third, in addition to printing detailed reports about your strain
collection, users may publish their strain collection so that by
knowing  the TCP address of a computer running StrainMan, you may browse
or query the strain collection using an internet browser. StrainMan
features a secure administrator so that only privileged users and guests
can access of view your database

If you have additional questions I will be happy to answer them, but as
always all of this information is in the users manual.


Robert Negm

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