Questions about Amino acid seq alignments

ketchup Ketchup*REMOVE* at concentric.net
Mon Jun 1 12:01:31 EST 1998


I have a version of MSA for DOS(command) that I ported playing around.
I haven't tested it extensively, but it seems to work. Mind you it can
be a very time consuming program, and you'll need to refer to the
documentation to understand its various quirks and whatnot. 

Also, just FYI, GeneDoc can import clustal .ALN files and its also
handly for fixing up errors in an alignment manually.

Email me if you'd like a copy of the msa.exe file.

Ketchup(**REMOVE THIS PART**)@cris.com


>Dear all,

>    Which software can be use to align multiple sequences of amino acid of
>proteins?  The software that can work in Window95, Dos or WWW platform is
>preferred.  I have used ClustalW for win95 in the alignment but I found that
>there are some bugs in ClustalW.   Also, I would like to know how to creat
>the alignment in the multiple sequence .msf  format or FASTA format?  Since
>the file in these format will be edited by GeneDoc.

>Thank you very much


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