[ANNOUNCE] Pyramids -- a sequnce clustering tools.

J.C Aude Jean-Christoph.Aude at inria.fr
Thu Jan 29 08:36:25 EST 1998

			-- PYRAMIDS --

The INRIA Genome Team (Paris/France) is pleased to annouce the first
release of their pyramidal clustering method software.

PYRAMIDS is a new tool to cluster biological objects, it uses the
pyramidal classification method developed by Diday E. & al.. 

This methods is an extension of the well known hierarchical method,
with some new features :

- A sequence can belong simultanously to 2 families.
- Objects classified follow a set of compatible order with the
  pyramidal structure.

these properties allow more accurate analysis of clusters, and leads
to domain prediction among sets of sequences.

A complete description of this method will be avalaible soon in this
article :

"Application of the pyramidal clustering method to biological objects"
Aude jc, Diaz-Lazcoz y, Codani jj and Risler jl  [UNDER SUBMISSION]


Some materials are avalaible on our web site (including a concrete
example of the usage of pyramidal analysis) here :


This software is only avalaible for UN*X systems, and can be
downloaded from the same address.

For any comments please contact me at : jean-christophe.aude at inria.fr

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