Q. Doing CORBA using JPL and PERL: current perspectives ?

luca.toldo at merck.de luca.toldo at merck.de
Wed Jan 28 07:01:04 EST 1998

Dear Colleagues, I was wondering if I my personal vision is shared also
by others in the field, therefore will appreciate your feedback (please
by direct email).

The matter is concerning setting up Perl-based services using CORBA as
interface. I have the impression (and this is the point I would like to
have your vision about) that currently are possible at least the
following paths:

1) PERL-JPL-JDK1.2 org.omg.CORBA Is well known
l infact that JDK1.2 supports org.omg.CORBA and since JPL
http://perl.oreilly.com/resource_kit/prk_more_JPL.html developed by Larry
Wall <larry at wall.org> delivers a clean access to/from Perl/Java, it could
be used to "add CORBA compliancy" to perl-based services. Advantages:
should already now generate 100% CORBA2-compliant solutions
Disadvantages: goes through a "J" step (and we all know how often Java

2) PERL-CORBA Version 0.04 of Perl bindings for CORBA
http://www1.lunatech.com/cope/ written by Bart Schuller
<schuller at lunatech.com> are available (last modified 01.08.1997)
http://www1.lunatech.com/cope/dist/COPE-0.04.tar.gz They are also
referenced from the CPAN
ftp://ftp.gmd.de/packages/CPAN/modules/00modlist.long.html But are not
yet in the CPAN archive, probably since the Author has not yet decided
the module be sufficiently mature for general use. Advantages: clean,
"all in one" solution. Disadvantages: is it 100% CORBA2 compliant ? When
will make it in the CPAN ?

3) PERL-ILU-CORBA (via python?!) The version 0.01 of Perl bindings for
ILU ftp://ftp.parc.xerox.com/pub/ilu/misc/janssen.html written by Owlen
Tylor <owt1 at cornell.edu> is available
http://www.msc.cornell.edu/~otaylor/ilu/ supports CORBA using the classes
from the python runtime. From that page I understand that version 0.02 is
in alpha. (last modified #no-date-available#) Advantages: "direct" perl
to CORBA without intermediate language steps Disadvantages: goes through
YeatAnotherLevel (ILU) which needs to be taken care

My personal opinion is that if it were a CORBA module in Perl, that would
be the way I would implement my services without any doubts about.
Therefore, solution 2) is the one that I would personally wish to see
soon fully operational.

However, I feel that the only current 100% CORBA2 compliant system be the
one available through solution 1) only. Problem with it, is all the
dependencies in getting the system to work ... (right level of patching
and so on) although the documentation is perfect and provides detailed
information on how to achieve it.

Certainly, an alternative to be taken into consideration is the 3), which
to my understanding requires mastering the complex and powerful ILU


This text had been sent to all the Authors mentioned in the text.

I will appreciate, if the Reader will realize that my above personal
comments do NOT want to generate any "flaw" but instead simply summarize
the current state of the art on this extremely new and delicate issue.

I really appreciate all of the above work, and personally thanks the afore
mentioned Authors for their generosity in providing it to the Humanity. No

I sincerely appreciate your reply, possibly directly to my personal email
address since perhaps the matter does not address a wide audience.

I have tried carefully to express my technical view on the topic, but
please apologyze if anything contained in this message is sounding
offending or discriminative. Would have I forgotten any other known
contribution in the field, please accept my apologyze.

Regards and thanks
Dr. Luca I.G.TOLDO

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