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Thank you for choosing SoftSpider for Windows. We have created
is program to give anyone the capability to submit their websites to
hundreds of submission resources, automatically. Whether you are a
webmaster with multiple domains or a newcomer, SoftSpider will
make submitting your website to the Search Engines, Directories,
Link Pages, Classifieds, and other resources an easy process.

With an easy to use interface, SoftSpider will walk you through the
process of getting your site seen by the world. By simply selecting
each Tab and filling in the appropriate information, you will be able
to run your promotion in a matter of minutes. No other program on
the market will submit your site as acurately and efficiently than

http://www.ccs.com/spdr-bx.exe      <<<<< DOWNLOAD NOW !!!!


The features on SoftSpider are what make this a truly user-friendly
program. Features are easily accessible, giving you powerful
promotional capabilities in just a few simple steps. 

      · 32-Bit Multithreaded engine: Submit your site to
        hundreds of locations in only minutes. No more server
        time outs resulting in failed submissions or lost
        registration systems (although this is unavoidable it will
        be drastically reduced).

      · Batch: (Pro Version) Submit multiple URL’s at the
        same time. This will drastically reduce your
        submission times and increase productivity for your
        and your client’s sites.

      · Number of Submission Sites: No other automated
        submission tool even comes close. With over 450
        submission sites, and growing monthly, you will have
        the most complete listing on the Net.

      · Free Updates: When you purchase SoftSpider for
        Windows you will receive free updates for the life of
        the program. Updates will increase the number of
        submission sites as well as fix any problems which
        may be caused due to the ever changing nature of the

      · Tab Interface: Easy to navigate Tabs which walk
        you through the required information needed to
        promote your site.

      · Visibility: Check the status of your site right through
        the program. Get up to the minute stats on your web
        site’s position.

      · Optimize your web pages: Let the Spider take a
        look at your html code and it will create mirror pages
        with different configurations of Meta Tags.

      · Registration Reports: Get detailed reports on your
        submissions, allowing you to follow up with
        unsuccessful registrations, along with providing clients
        with a professional report outlining their sites activity. 

                                   What’s New
http://www.ccs.com/spdr-bx.exe      <<<<< DOWNLOAD NOW !!!!

32-Bit Mutlithreaded engine: Submit to over 400 submission sites in
under 20 minutes. Our multithreaded engine submits your multiple
sites at the same time. This will drastically reduce "time out"
problems, ensuring you will have clean submissions and have
successful registrations. There’s no reason to leave your computer
on all night, submit to hundreds of sites in just minutes.

Of course, this is also dependent on the speed of your Internet
connection, and the number of connections ("hops") between you
and each search engine you are registering with.

Expanded Resources: SoftSpider now comes with over 400
resources for submitting your URL’s. We have also added the
"instant update" feature that will ensure that users have the most
current version of the program at all times. Each time you log on to
use the Spider it will check our server to see if there is a new
update. This will happen very quickly and will stop the process of
having to re-download every time we issue a new update.

Updates are issued twice monthly. 

                           Program Operation

http://www.ccs.com/spdr-bx.exe      <<<<< DOWNLOAD NOW !!!!

SoftSpider is an intuitive program that allows anyone to promote
their site by simply filling out information about their site, selecting
the category to place the site, and finally promoting the site.

Registration: Enter in your Serial Number(s) to register the program.
Site Information: Add your web page’s URL, along with your
contact information
Keywords: Choose up to 12 keywords that describe your site. Start
with the most descriptive and move to the more obscure. You may
want to visit several big engines, plug in your keywords, and see
what comes up. This will give you a good idea of who your
competition is and possibly hint at what they’re doing to promote
their site.
Registration Resources: You may pick from several selections in
this Tab. If you want to do a full submission to all the resources you
would simply pick "Select All." If you would like to do a more
targeted submission, you can pick from any of the other categories:
Search Engines, Directories, Link Pages, etc. Once you make this
decision, you will move the selections to the right box and verify
those are the ones you’ve chosen. 
Categories: Many of the directories and link pages require you to
pick a section to place your site in, according to what your site deals
with.  For example: Business or Computers. You can go through
each listing and pick which one is best for your site OR you can
select the "Set All using Keyword." If your site pertains to business
you would simply key in Business, hit the Button, and all the sites
will point to their Business categories.
Build It: You have filled in all the information about your site,
selected categories, selected submission resources, and now you’re
ready to promote. Hit the "Build It" button and watch the Spider go
into action.
Batch: (Pro Version Only) Each time your go through and enter
information about a new site or domain, you will save this as a
session. These sessions can be loaded at the same time, allowing for
multiple URL submissions. Hit the "+" button, select the session you
wish to load, move on to the next, and then go to the Build It Tab.
Hit "Build It" and watch the Spider go! 

                          Promotional Strategies

http://www.ccs.com/spdr-bx.exe      <<<<< DOWNLOAD NOW !!!!
There are many different strategies to promote your web site and
we have outlined a couple different ways to do this with the Spider.
· Submitting multiple pages: If done correctly, you can submit
  several pages that have virtually the same information but have
  separate URL’s giving your site more visibility and exposure. 
· Monthly Maintenance: For each URL that you submit to the
  engines you should be re-submitting for it about 1 time every month.
  For those engines, directories, and link pages that drop sites more
  frequently you will want to monitor those more closely. Submitting
  your site more than 1 time a month to the major engines can result
  in your site actually be dropped from it’s listings. On the other hand,
  not submitting your site often enough can result in the same action
  being taken. Promoting your site takes vigilance, and keeping your
  site current is key to its success.
· Visibility Analysis: Keeping track of where your site is being listed
  in the engines is crucial for knowing when to resubmit your site.
  SoftSpider has incorporated a good tool for this purpose, but we also
  recommend that you try our advanced research tool called "Site
  Finder." This tool will give you complete results including where
  your site is coming up currently, within the past 10 days, and who’s
  coming up ahead of you. Get the tool the Pros use to keep their sites
  listed in the TOP of the engines. 

                     Frequently Asked Questions

http://www.ccs.com/spdr-bx.exe      <<<<< DOWNLOAD NOW !!!!
Q: How often should I be submitting my site?
A: You should be submitting your site about once a month to the
   major engines and more often if needed 
   to the directories and link pages.
Q: Why are submissions failing?
A: Submissions fail for a number of reasons, but the main reason is
   due to Net traffic and how busy the 
   engines server is at the exact moment you are submitting your
   pages. The other major reason is because 
   engines tend to switch how they accept information on a regular
   basis, which is why we offer free 
   updates to the program.
Q: How do I get updates?
A: You will receive updates automatically when they are available.
   Each time you log on to our server the 
   program will first look to see if any new updates are available. 
   If so,  it will update and then begin your 
   registration. If not, the program will simply start your promotion.
Q: How do I get technical support for my questions?
A: Simply open the program and on the opening screen will be your
   reseller’s URL and email address. 
   Contact them directly and they’ll be happy to get you up and
http://www.ccs.com/spdr-bx.exe      <<<<< DOWNLOAD NOW !!!!

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