using Genlang local version

Catherine Letondal letondal at pasteur.fr
Mon Jan 26 10:07:06 EST 1998


I have tried to contact GenLang authors last week, and since I have no 
answer, I try to find some help here. Basically the problem is how to
run Genlang local version, provided we have all the system software (as
a Prolog interpreter). There is a graphical interface, but the documentation
seems too old, for the instruction to launch it is wrong.

If someone could help, it would be very much appreciated!

Catherine Letondal.

Everything is detailed below:
We have installed genlang on a DEC alpha server. 
We have SICstus prolog 3 installed :
SICStus 3  #5: Wed Oct 15 08:23:23 MET DST 1997

After loading genlang module, we have problem loading the graphical interface:

| ?- use_module(genlang).
                    GenLang Version 2.5
                      David B. Searls
                 University of Pennsylvania
               dsearls at cbil.humgen.upenn.edu
{compiled /local/gensoft/packages/genlang/genlang.pl in module genlang, 285 msec 835776 bytes}

| ?- genlang_flag(graphical_display,_,on).
{EXISTENCE ERROR: turn_on_graphical_display: procedure genlang:turn_on_graphical_display/0 does not exist}

Maybe the postscript manual file is too old (Jul 7 1994), and the command 
genlang_flag(graphical_display,_,on) isn't the appropiate one?

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