Mark E. Berres markb at ravel.zoology.wisc.edu
Fri Jan 23 11:49:01 EST 1998

Hello Everyone,
I have been working with FASTMAP (Mac version) for a few days
and I have encounted a problem using prep_call to process an
ABI collection file. I am interested in using the software
to view the collection gel; attempts to contact the original
authors have failed. The problem appears to be one of file
handling. During the initial processing of the collection gel,
FASTMAP creates four temporary image files, extracts the
gel information (to a tune of 5MB each) and then dies without
error before adjusting the image contrast.
The code suggests that FASTMAP should first read the TMP files,
adjust the image contrast and then write the files as before but
without the TMP extension. For some reason, this clearly does
not happen.
Does anyone have any experience using FASTMAP on the MAC and/or
know of a solution to this problem?

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