1D-PAGE software: freeware/shareware??

Jerry Learn learn at u.washington.edu
Wed Jan 21 20:40:24 EST 1998

In article <jstrout-ya02408000R2001980855040001 at news.ucsd.edu>,
jstrout at ucsd.edu (Joseph J. Strout) wrote:

> In article <1998Jan19.185339 at eucmax>, ecastro at eucmax.sim.ucm.es wrote:
> >   I my memory does not fool me, NIH Image was a free software that could
> >analyze tiff's files from gels and give band intensity for each protein
band or
> >dot: Am I right? I only want to measure relative optical density along the
> lane.
> You are right.  I'm sure you can find NIH Image via the search engine at
> Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com).

NIH IMage can be downloaded from <ftp://codon.nih.gov/pub/nih-image/> or
from a mirror site in Sweden: 

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