help pentium bug f0 0f

Tjerk Santegoeds tjerk at dias.iaehv.nl
Mon Jan 19 14:17:05 EST 1998

Hi Guillermo,

On 19 Jan 1998 14:59:44 +0100, gmc at gauguin.legg.u-nancy.fr wrote:

:  We installed linux in one compueter and it reports us 
:Warning: Pentium bug F0 0F

Are you sure it doesn't report:

"Intel Pentium with F0 0F bug - workaround enabled."

This means that your processor is susceptible for the Pentium F0 0F bug.
This bug makes it possible for every user to crash your computer. Mind
you, this is also possible when using Windows '95 or NT.  The message
indicates that your Linux kernel protects you against this bug.

If it Linux gives the warning as pointed out by you, you might consider
recompiling your kernel.


Tjerk Santegoeds
Apeldoorn - The Netherlands

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