GelReader on PowerPC Mac

Alan Friedman helix at execpc.com
Mon Jan 12 03:51:28 EST 1998

For years, I ran NCSA GelReader on my old Mac II and had no problems. 
However, the software would sometimes fail to run on my Performa 6116CD;
but not always. When I gave the "find band" command, I would get an
insufficient memory message; I have 24 MB ram! I was desperate enough
that I was about to purchase an old Mac just to run GelReader. However
the problem was solved when I ran a game that requires that the monitor
control panel be set to 256 colors. When a friend came over to see the
problem with gel reader, it ran perfectly! When we switched back to
thousands of colors, it failed again.

I hope this suggestion will help those of you having problems with this
software package.

Alan Friedman
Helix Biotech, Inc.
helix at execpc.com

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