MacStripe - Coiled Coil Prediction for Macintosh

Alex Knight aek4 at york.ac.uk
Mon Jan 12 09:38:14 EST 1998

MacStripe is a program for the prediction and analysis of potential
coiled-coil regions in protein sequences. A new and much improved
version (2.0a1) is available to download now from:

MacStripe is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to explore potential
alpha-helical coiled coils in the sequence of their protein. With a full
Macintosh interface, the results of analyses (raw data or publication
quality plots) can easily be exported to other software. The "Inspector"
window acts like a magnifying glass so you can study your protein on a
residue-by-residue basis. MacStripe uses the algorithm of Andrei Lupas's
COILS2 for detailed and reliable coiled-coil predictions.

System Requirements: Macintosh with 68030, '040 or PowerPC processor;
Colour Quickdraw; System 7.0 or better.

* Full Macintosh Interface
* Uses established Lupas algorithm for coiled coil prediction 
* Full control of prediction parameters (matrix, window length,
* Interactive exploration of coiled coil with "Inspector" window 
* Imports sequences from DNA Strider or DNASTAR formats 
* Reads sequences from text files in plain, FASTA or Staden formats 
* Uses FPU (where present) for maximum calculation speed 
* Plots optionally show 'skips' or 'stutters' in coiled coil which may
  be structurally important 
* Plots can be copied and pasted into other applications, saved as PICT
  files, or printed 
* Detailed statistics can be imported into spreadsheet or graphing
* It's FREE! 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with suggestions, bug reports or
complaints. Don't forget to check out the coiled-coil prediction web
page for more information about MacStripe or other coiled-coil
prediction resources.

Alex Knight (aek4 at york.ac.uk)

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Coiled coil prediction web page:

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