GelReader on PowerPC Mac

Joseph J. Strout jstrout at ucsd.edu
Mon Jan 12 15:46:37 EST 1998

In article <69dah2$doh at newsops.execpc.com>, Alan Friedman
<helix at execpc.com> wrote:

>For years, I ran NCSA GelReader on my old Mac II and had no problems. 
>However, the software would sometimes fail to run on my Performa 6116CD;
>but not always... However
>the problem was solved when I ran a game that requires that the monitor
>control panel be set to 256 colors. When a friend came over to see the
>problem with gel reader, it ran perfectly! When we switched back to
>thousands of colors, it failed again.

This is fairly common among poorly written Mac software; the Instrutech
"Pulse + PulseFit" electrophysiology software has similar limitations, not
mentioned anywhere in the documentation.  (Good Mac software would either
tell you it can't run at the higher screen depth, or just change it for
you.)  You're absolutely right, this is a gotcha to watch for, and thanks
for pointing it out!

-- Joe

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