XtalView 3.2 available

Duncan McRee dem at scripps.edu
Sat Jan 10 19:49:13 EST 1998

XtalView 3.2 is available for downloading at:

XtalView is free to academics and non-profits.

XtalView is a crystallographic software package for fitting electron
density maps and solving
structures by MIR and MAD that works on most UNIX platforms.
Molecular modelers will find XtalView/xfit very useful.

Details on new features can be found at:
A short synopsis of some new features in the fitting program:
              SigmaA coefficient maps
              FFT's in both directions built in change- map
resolution/terms on-the-fly
              Refine-while-fit of a residue range - drag side-chains
into density
              Raster3D interface
              New dictionaries, noH, polarH, allH, more conformers
              Real-time contour levels
              Ribozyme code added to residue insert
              Anisotropic B (U's) including "ORTEP-like" eggs
              SHELX-97 support including LIST 6 CIF format
              Split-residue support
IRIX 6 added and LINUX "unwanted geatures" removed

Duncan McRee
Molecular Biology - MB8
The Scripps Research Institute
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La Jolla, CA 92037
dem at scripps.edu

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