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Thomas Sicheritz thomas at evolution.bmc.uu.se
Sat Jan 10 06:42:22 EST 1998

In bionet.software Carla Kuiken <kuiken at t10.lanl.gov> wrote:
: We're a small group maintaining a sequence database on a UNIX platform.
: We're currently using Sybase for our database work, but this is getting
: prohibilively expensive, so we're looking for an alternative.

: The database is not large, but it's fairly complicated. We're in the
: process providing web access to it (which is why Sybase suddenly wants a
: lot more money for the license). We store genetic sequences and
: background info, and are currently adding links to Medline, Genbank etc. 

: What database programs (if any) do other people use for this type of
: work? There must be more to choose from than just Informix, Sybase and
: Oracle, but we haven't seen much yet. Any tips, advice or horror stories
: much appreciated! Thanks very much in advance. 

: Carla Kuiken
: HIV Sequence Database
: Los Alamos National Laboratory

We use postgresql(http://www.postgresql.org)  together with Tcl/Tk 
and perl for our 'whole genome sequencing project' at 
Gnomics http://evolution.bmc.uu.se/~siv/gnomics/
The database is called CAPdb ... 

(P.S its free ...)
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