UNIX database software?

Carla Kuiken kuiken at t10.lanl.gov
Fri Jan 9 17:11:29 EST 1998

We're a small group maintaining a sequence database on a UNIX platform.
We're currently using Sybase for our database work, but this is getting
prohibilively expensive, so we're looking for an alternative.

The database is not large, but it's fairly complicated. We're in the
process providing web access to it (which is why Sybase suddenly wants a
lot more money for the license). We store genetic sequences and
background info, and are currently adding links to Medline, Genbank etc. 

What database programs (if any) do other people use for this type of
work? There must be more to choose from than just Informix, Sybase and
Oracle, but we haven't seen much yet. Any tips, advice or horror stories
much appreciated! Thanks very much in advance. 

Carla Kuiken
HIV Sequence Database
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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