Has anyone tried Genotator?

Gary Williams gwilliam at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Mon Jan 5 09:48:14 EST 1998

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>How do people like genotator?
>Is there some other software available that can merge the outputs of
>different exons finders?

We have an interactive WWW system called NIX that currently combines the
results of tRNAscan, RepeatMasker, BLAST (against vector, ecoli, sts, htg, gss,
embl, est, swissprot and trembl), GRAIL (cpg, ploIIIprom, exons, gap2, rpttv,
smprpt) TSSW, Fex, Hexon, MZEF, Genemark, Genefinder, FGene 
.... and some others that we are thinking of including.

You have to be registered as a user of the UK MRC's Human Genome Mapping
Project Resource Centre - but registration is free for academic users.

NIX is available at:
There is a link to this from our home page:

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