$4,995.00 PC-based "Inquiry" Biotech Image Analysis System

Yoroya yoroya at aol.com
Thu Jan 1 21:24:06 EST 1998

Dear biomedical researcher/clinical diagnostician:

     "Inquiry" is a $4,995.00 PC-based image analysis package that can analyze
whole-body, receptor, and metabolic autoradiographic images, chromosome spreads
for morphometric karyotyping, 1-D and 2-D electrophoretic gels for
densitometric analysis, images for quantitative in situ hybridization studies,
images for 3-D tumor and lesion volume studies, grain counting, and more.  This
image analysis system is among most powerful and versatile ones on the market
today and only intended for the serious biomedical researcher and clinical
diagnostician willing to make an investment in the best that money can buy. 
Don't be fooled by cheap imitations.  Nothing out there can match the quality
and versatility of "Inquiry".  If you can find a PC-based biotech image
analysis system that can do as much as "Inquiry" for less money, please let me
know.  I would like to research and compare its capabilities to ours.  Visit
our website and ask for more information, or contact me directly.  I look
forward to helping you expand the depth and breadth of your current biomedical
imaging analytical capabilities soon.


Robert L. Hummel	  	Tel: 410-876-8055   
Sales & Marketing        	E-mail: loats at loats.com
Loats Associates, Inc.	URL: http://www.loats.com

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