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G.Vidarsson at Pobox.accu.uu.nl G.Vidarsson at Pobox.accu.uu.nl
Thu Dec 31 11:19:30 EST 1998

Finally an Bio-tek ELISA reader (EL808) support (serial port and import via

Dear Reader,

This program is designed for ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno Assay) calculations,
and because ELISA plates have the standard 8x12 well setup, this  program
handles a 8x12 spreadsheet with 96 cells in it. It is intended to calculate
concentrations of samples from a standard curve, using point to point

Recent changes:

Version 5.02 -> 5.03beta

* Functionality has been added for reading data and controlling Biotek
  ELISA reader (EL808) via the serial port.

* I have stopped updating the 16-bit version for Windows 3.1x

Version 5.01/4.74 -> 5.02/4.75

* Added support for more various data format while importing OD´s from disk or
from spectrophotometers.


Some Additional information:

* You can get this program from:


* This software is totally free for all possible uses.

* Source code is available upon request.  Request should be addressed to me 
by email (G.Vidarsson at pobox.accu.uu.nl).  I only request that versions based
on my  program will not be used commercially, unless with direct consultation
with me,  and that they state in their version where the original come from.

* I will however make some minor changes if strong requests come up.  So do
not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding it.  I will gladly answer

Happy computing!

Gestur Vidarsson
(G.Vidarsson at pobox.accu.uu.nl)

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