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Redasoft Plasmid 1.0 is an exciting new software tool designed to help life
scientists create and publish high quality vector maps and perform DNA
sequence analysis quickly and easily. Plasmid lets you:

* Draw high resolution, publication quality circular or linear
  maps, with or without DNA sequences.

* Map restriction sites using an included tool set of nearly
  1000 enzymes (much more than you get with other programs).
  Select individual enzymes or filter by combinations of cut
  frequency, recognition site size and type of overhang.

* Edit maps in a WYSIWYG environment so that printed
  output matches what's on the screen.

* Instantly parse sequence files on your computer or
  directly from the Internet (using Plasmid's integrated
  web browser) to fully labeled, graphical maps! Go from
  sequence to fully labeled, colorful map in ONE mouse click!

* Paste maps into other Windows applications such
  as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

...and much more! Plasmid is easy to use and saves you time. By finding
restriction sites that other programs may miss, Plasmid can help you design
more efficient cloning experiments. And best of all, it costs so little,
you'll likely spend more on enzymes!

Visit http://www.redasoft.com to learn more about Redasoft Plasmid. Download
a FREE demo to see for yourself why Plasmid is the best software tool of its

The Final Version of Plasmid 1.0 can now be purchased directly (and
securely) from Redasoft's web site at a special introductory price of only

Don't Restrict Yourself! Visit http://www.redasoft.com today!

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