database for molecular biology

Gil Kedem gil at yoga.com
Thu Dec 17 12:21:12 EST 1998

In my opinion Oracle is a better choice than Informix for your project.  Oracle
is the most widely used database in the biotech/pharma industries.  Also,
Oracle is the No. 1 database company, and its tools are more polished than its
competitors' tools.

If you are interested in object features, try experimenting with the
object-relational features of Oracle 8.

-Gil Kedem
Kedem Associates
Bioinformatics consulting: softare and database development

"±è ¾ç¼®" wrote:

> Greetings from South Korea
> We are planning to construct several biological databases such as DNA and
> protein database and genetic stock database in South Korea.
> However, we do not have experience to construct such a system, we do not
> know which DBMS is proper for our purpose.
>  I heard that Informix introduced object-oriented concept which widely used
> in current biological database and oracle is the most stable.
> So I wish to hear your opinion to select proper DBMS.
> Thanks in advance,
> Yang-Suk Kim, PH.D.
> Biological Research Information Center
> Pohang, South Korea

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