Fasta Sequence class

tendo tendo at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 16 15:14:49 EST 1998

I finished the alpha version of class libraries for multiple sequence
as well as CLUSTAL formatted multiple alignment.
You can get the whole package including the revised ReadFasta class at


The usage for the new classes is almost the same as ReadFasta class.

    o To read and write Fasta formatted multiple sequence is:

            #include <iostream>
            #include "MultiSeq.h"

            main () {
                MultiSeq m;
                cin >> m;
                cout << m;

    o To read CLUSTAL formatted multiple alignment and write
        in FASTA format is:

            #include <iostream>
            #include "AlignedSeq.h"

            main() {
                AlignedSeq a;
                cin >> a;
                cout << a;

      o Each sequence is accessible by index, i.e.

            m[0], m[1] for the first sequence.

        Each element is of Sequence class in ReadFasta, so all of its
        is available.

I also fixed a couple of problems in the previous package as well as
documentation, although the attached document is incomplete yet.

I would like to hear from you.

Toshinori Endo, Ph.D.
Harvard University Biological Laboratories
16 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge MA02138-2092, USA
tendo at fas.harvard.ed

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