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Fri Dec 11 13:23:04 EST 1998

Mathematica Link Adds Math Power to Excel

Wolfram Research, Inc. announces the release of Mathematica Link for
a new add-in package that gives Excel spreadsheets extraordinary
calculating capabilities through a simple interface between Microsoft
and Mathematica.

Mathematica has already earned a solid reputation as the calculating
of choice among leading scientists, engineers, and financial analysts.
by using Mathematica Link for Excel to interface with Mathematica, Excel

users can tap into the power of this exciting software. Mathematica Link

for Excel greatly expands the kinds of calculations available within an
Excel spreadsheet, giving the user access to a vast number of
graphical, and statistical functions.

Mathematica Link for Excel provides the following benefits.
* Expanded calculating and graphical powers--send large data sets from
Excel to Mathematica for sophisticated and precise analysis and return
results into a spreadsheet
* Increased productivity--using built-in Mathematica functions instead
writing cumbersome macros
* The ability to manipulate and visualize data and equations with over a

thousand added commands and options--all documented in the online
Mathematica Help Browser
* Immediate access to the power of Mathematica through the link's
Mathematica function wizard--by following a series of dialog boxes you
easily pick the function you need

Visit http://www.wolfram.com/info/el6 for more information.

Mathematica Link for Excel is available for Windows and Macintosh

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