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> Hi
> What is ClustalW and ClustalX, can they make alignment for gene sequences?

	ClustalW is a multiple alignment program. clustalX is its
	multi-platform grafic user interface.

	what do you mean "gene sequences"? It is NOT a fragment assembly
	program. The Staden package provide a fragment assembly program. It
	can be sused to align DNA sequences.

> Is that for server or a PC?

	It can run and mostly all unices, Mac, and Windows 32bits platforms.

> If it can be run on a PC, where can i get it?


> What is the most used algorithms for alignment?

	Probably, you can try to get the last Trends in Genetics or read the
book "Methods in enzymology". You will probably have all the answers in it.

> thank you very much!

	Pleased. But next time, add a subject to your post. It might help.

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