FASTA format - proposed max line limit

simon mbsrt at seqnet.dl.ac.uk
Fri Dec 4 05:52:48 EST 1998

>site where the details of the  common sequence file formats  and documented somewhere that is
>publically accessible? 
>Simon T
I suppose it's a sign of madness but in reply to my own post I know of
one such detailed collection of format information that comes with the
source for ReadSeq.  However, is there a more detailed collection

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this already but fasta format
files with long comments aren't much fun when you try to human-read
the file.   One of the reasons I like FASTA format is that it is
simple.   If you add a huge header line and you'll should surely have
no problem parsing the line [a line of any length could be computer
read by reading each character at a time until one equals the end of
line character- am I missing something here?] but you'll make it hard
work for the human eye trying to read the file. 

Simon T


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