Bioaccelerator advise?

Richard Hughey rph at cse.ucsc.edu
Tue Dec 1 13:47:54 EST 1998

You can find a more extensive survey in CABIOS 12(6):473-479, 1996.

This survey includes more machines (research and commercial) than the seqasses
report, which only discusses Biocellerator, FDF, and MasPar, the first two of
which have successor products.  At the time of writing the survey my general
opinion was that the TimeLogic machine occupied a better price/performance of the
commercial machines but came out around the same time as the seqassess report, so
was not included.

Since both of these now dated reports came out, all 3 vendors have come out with
new versions of hardware, software, and prices, increasing performance across the
board.  I have not reundertaken the collection of benchmarks; once was enough! 

Searching for Compugen, Paracel, and TimeLogic should get you to the company WWW
sites.  Of course, take all performance numbers with a grain of salt, and insist
on getting real-time benchmarks on configurations you are interested in
purchasing.  Several of the machines can be accessed over the WWW.

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|> > Does anyone have any recommendations or experience about the current 
|> > dedicated sequence analysis computing systems (eg. Paracel, etc) in
|> > terms of effectiveness/maintenance/expandability in relation to cost.
|> See http://www.ebi.ac.uk/~thanaraj/seqassess/report.html
|> on comparison between dedicated systems.
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