Software for sigmoid curves

Joseph J. Strout jstrout at ucsd.edu
Fri Aug 28 12:40:59 EST 1998

In article <35E69164.1F9B1FB1 at biobase.dk>, Troels Wind <wind at biobase.dk> wrote:

>I'm currently analysing some competition-ELISA data that presents a
>sigmoid curve.
>Does any of you know a free/shareware program that can fit data to a
>I'm running Mac OS 8.0...

I've been using MathPad to do curve fitting, including the sigmoid curve. 
I don't have it automatically tuning the parameters yet, though, which is
probably what you want (I've just been adjusting them manually, since I
only needed to do a few).

But MathPad's a great app to have around anyway.  Very handy.  If you can't
find anything better, let me know and I'll send you the MathPad document
I've been using.

Good luck,
-- Joe

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