Problems with NCBI Blast2 on Linux

Morten Stig Andersen mosa at novo.dk
Thu Aug 27 08:13:00 EST 1998

I've got various problems installing a working blast2 on my Red Hat 5.0
Linux box (a Dell PII, 300MHz, 128MB RAM). I managed to compile the ncbi
toolkit with the recommended flags for Linux, and also the "seg" filter
program, but:

- blastall dies and dumps core when I attempt to use the "seg" filter.
  However, it seems to work ok with the "-F F" option, which disables
  filtering, or when I unset the BLASTFILTER env. variable.

- formatdb also dies and dumps core.

These problems are not trivial errors with the NCBI, BLASTDB, BLASTMAT
and BLASTFILTER environment variables.

I have also tried downloading NCBI's precomiled blast2 executables for
Linux, but they don't run on my Red Hat 5.0 Linux (I have heard that
they were compiled with old C libraries, not used by Red Hat 5.0).

Any help or suggestions is appreciated - I'll post a summary of any
useful information this message should generate...


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