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Michael Ruff <michael.ruff at stud.uni-erlangen.de> wrote:
: Ich suche eine alte GeoWorks-Ensemble Version !

By the way, in my native English, GeoWorks Ensemble is a software suite
for IBM-PC compatible computers that was developed from the Amiga GEOS
operating environment.  It is a preemptive multitasking, multithreaded
object-oriented operating system with GUI.  Version 1 works in as little
as an 8086 PC with 640 k RAM and a hard drive.  Version 2 works quite well
on a 286/12 with 1 Mb RAM (but 2 are much better), and Version 3 is an
upcoming release that provides a "communications layer" to the OS,
allowing Internet functions such as email and WWW graphical browsing.

Even with Version 3, which was in open beta earlier this year, my 286/12
ran nicely.  the suite of applications is quite complete, but limited to
standard "office" type software (desktop publishing, draw, database,
spreadsheet).  nonetheless, the functionality allowed me to produce
documents comparable in complexity and quality to those produced using
more expensive software.  Because of object-oriented design, all
applications share function libraries, so the software operates with very
little hardware resources.  Typical GEOS applications occupy 20 - 80
kilobytes of hard disk space.  

GEOS-based software, especially the desktop applications, are an ideal
solution for users with limited budgets, who cannot afford to purchase new
computers every 8 months.

For a free demo version, including the flagship NewWrite word processor,
check out http://www.newdealinc.com

For other information, post a query to the very friendly newsgroup

Daniel Kim
dkim at nmsu.edu

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