Contributions wanted for the sixth CCP11 newsletter [UK only]

Mark Faller mgf at dl.ac.uk
Tue Aug 18 03:16:17 EST 1998

Articles are required for the next CCP11 newsletter.

The newsletter is published quaterly as an electronic document and is
available over the internet as a WWW document. The areas covered in each
newlettter are decided by which articles are sent to me to be published.
It is hoped the articles will then lead to further discussions on the
CCP11 bulletin board.

This will be our sixth publication of the CCP11 newsletter. The previous
editions of the newsletter can be found at:


If you would like to contribute to our next publication please send your
article as an electronic document to me (email address at bottom). As
the newsletter will be published on the internet your article should be
sent in a html format. This will allow you to add your own formatting
and any hyperlinks to other documents.

Originally the CCP11 project was set up to discuss the role of
bioinformatics in the scientific community and to establish a community
within bioinformatic groups throughout the UK. As a CCP project one of
its roles is a newsletter to increase the discusion within the
bioinformatics community and to keep people in touch.

The closing date for articles is the 26 June 1998.


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