ANNOUNCE: CCF -- software for remote collaboration. New Release.

Sarah Chodrow sal at mathcs.emory.edu
Sat Aug 15 16:47:24 EST 1998

            Collaborative Computing Frameworks

                    Emory University
                    Atlanta, GA, USA
                       August 1998

We are pleased to announce a new version of CCF, an integrated
environment supporting shared X applications, multi-party
communication, data/file sharing and (coming soon) computation
sharing.  For more details, please visit our web page at:

CCF allows two or more researchers to share an X application between
any two machine connected via an intranet or the internet.  It is
perfect for letting someone far away "look over your shoulder" at your
computer screen.  It supports SunOS 5.5 and higher, IRIX 6.2, and
Linux 2.0.xx.

This release features the ability to take a snapshot of any running
application, and has fixed some egregious bugs in the networking code
giving CCF much greater stability (especially under Linux).

Please let us know your experiences with this package.  There is no
mailing list, yet (soon, though!) so send all comments to
ccf at mathcs.emory.edu, or fill out a comment on the download page:
http://ccf.mathcs.emory.edu/ccf/software.html.  Thanks.


New since the second alpha release:

*  Snapshots!  You can save any window to a gif file.  Once you've
   found a good view of what you are working on you can save it to a
   gif file.
*  Tools can now appear either on your desktop, or on the virtual

*  Some bugs in the networking code fixed.  It is now more stable
   (especially under Linux).
*  fixes in ccfaudio resizing ability.
*  Ccfaudio now correctly indicates correct join time for session

New since the first alpha release:

*  Linux support added.  See README.Linux.
*  Motif applications now work well.
*  New session management tools making it easier to manage the ccf
   nameserver and reuse session names.  See README.sns.new.
*  Java based dataspace tool.
*  ccsm now takes -geometry and -session command line arguments
       ccsm  -session <session_name> -geometry 600x800+1+1

*  Latecomers now see all the same windows in the same place with the
   same contents.
*  Some fixes for CCFaudio in half duplex mode.
*  Tools exit more cleanly making it easier to reuse session names.

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