Announcement of a Biological Perl module

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Fri Aug 14 11:08:16 EST 1998

  # Title    : Biology  perl module  Announcement                  #
  # Download : ftp://cyrah.med.harvard.edu/pub/Software/Bioperl    #
  #                                                                #
  # URL      : http://cyrah.med.harvard.edu/~jong/bioperl.html     #
  # Date     : 15th/Aug/1998                                       #

      Announcement of a Biological Perl module for Bioinformatics

   Bio.pl and Bio.pm are a perl5 module for Biological sequence analsys.
   It has many useful relatively independent subroutines which can be
   used in your own perl programs.

   DO Whatever You Like with It to help Science progress at the maximum
   speed under free and unselfish environment.

   They also contain useful general purpose subroutines.

   Download: ftp://cyrah.med.harvard.edu/pub/Software/Bioperl

   URL     : http://cyrah.med.harvard.edu/~jong/bioperl.html

       This is a DWYLI (Do Whatever You Like with It :-) software.

                                       jong at salt2.med.harvard.edu

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