Help: dbwatcher.linux

Ralf Spenneberg spenneb at uni-muenster.de
Wed Aug 12 03:24:10 EST 1998


I try to setup dbwatcher on a linux machine using the linux executable.
But the only response I am getting is:

Job 'Annexin' :
        'blastp' on database 'NCBI:month'
        with parameters 'V=250 B=250 -filter seg'
        Results with P < 1.00E-03 sent to spenneb at uni-muenster.de.

                Connection to server OK
                Information about remote databases collected

******* Error! Database 'NCBI:month' was not found!

        Well... It seems there isn't any more job to do.
        See you soon.

Maybe anybody out there can shed some light?


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