ELISA program TITRI - Distribution file fixed

G.Vidarsson at Pobox.accu.uu.nl G.Vidarsson at Pobox.accu.uu.nl
Tue Aug 11 02:52:22 EST 1998

The 32 bit version (for Windows 95 and greater) of the ELISA program Titri,
version 5.01, is now available for download at


* To install - run the distribution EXE file (Titri.exe or Titri32.exe)
  to unzip necessary files to a temporary folder.  Then run "Setup.EXE"

* This software is totally free for all possible uses.

* Version 5.01 is virtually the same as 4.74, but compiled
  using Visual Basic 5.0 instead of VB 4.0 (respectively).  This might
  result in some bugs, but also, according to Microsoft, in faster

* Source code is available upon request

All the best,

Gestur Vidarsson,
Department of Immunology,
University Hospital Utrecht (AZU)
Rm G04.614
Heidelberglaan 100
3584 CX Utrecht
The Netherlands

TEL +31 (0)30 253 3925 / 250 6520
FAX +31 (0)30 250 5449

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