help: blast win32 setup

Wayne Parrott wayne at workingobjects.com
Mon Aug 10 02:22:47 EST 1998

Problem: formatting blast db with formatdb.exe

1) downloaded and unzipped the Blast win32 executables into dir e:\blast
2) created ncbi.ini with contents
3) downloaded the ecoli.aa database from 
   ftp://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast/db/ into dir e:\blast
4) ran formatdb as follows
      >cd e:\blast
      >formatdb -i ecoli.aa
5) formatdb.log has contents
  ========================[ Aug 10, 1998  1:16 AM
  Version 2.0.5 [May-5-1998]
  Started database file "ecoli.aa"
  FATAL ERROR: [067:001] FindPath failed
  FATAL ERROR: [067:000] Failure to read sequence. FastaToSeqEntry()

  Formated 0 sequences
6) set env NCBI=e:\tmp\blast

I am assuming formatdb is unable to locate the db file "ecoli.aa". Any
clues as to what I'm doing incorrectly? 

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