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      F I N A L       C A L L       F O R        P A P E R S 

         Journal of Computational Intelligence in Finance

                       Final Call for Papers

                         Special Issue on

      "Financial News Analysis using Distributed Data Mining"

The Journal of Computational Intelligence in Finance, a peer-reviewed 
technical journal, published by Finance & Technology Publishing, is 
seeking papers for review and publication on "Financial News Analysis
using Distributed Data Mining".  

The Journal of Computational Intelligence in Finance publishes applied 
research and practical applications of high quality that are based on 
sound theoretical, empirical or quantitative analysis. For practitioners
and applied researchers, JCIF serves as the journal of record on 
"the application of advanced computational technologies and analytical 
techniques for financial modeling, investing and trading, and risk 

Papers published in JCIF are eligible for the "Distinguished Essay on 
Computational Intelligence in Finance" award, which is selected by the 
Editorial Board each year.


Randall B. Caldwell, Editor-in-Chief

Emilio Barucci - University of Florence, Italy
Richard J. Bauer, Jr. - St. Mary's University, Texas
Neil Burgess - London Business School
Oscar Castillo - UABC University, California
Jerry Connor - London Business School 
Eric de Bodt - Universite Catholique de Louvain, France
James F. Derry - Mgmt. Engineering Productivity Systems, Ohio
Athanasios Episcopos - National Bank of Greece
Andrew Flitman - Monash University, Australia
Susan Garavaglia - Dun and Bradstreet, New Jersey
Ramo Gencay - University of Windsor, Canada
Sabyasachi Ghoshray - Florida International University
Lee Giles - NEC Research Institute, New Jersey
Christian Haefke - University of California at San Diego
Ypke Hiemstra - Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands
Jason Kingdon - Searchspace Limited, University College London
Ralph Neuneier - Siemens AG Corporate Research Center, Germany
Zoran Obradovic - Washington State University
Marimuthu Palaniswami - University of Melbourne
Carlos E. Pedreira - Catholic University, Rio
Stuart H. Rubin - Central Michigan University
David B. Skalak - IBM, New York
Leon Sterling - University of Melbourne
Manoel F. Tenorio - Purdue University, Indiana
Halbert White - University of California at San Diego
Lei Xu - The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

  Financial News Analysis using Distributed Data Mining

  September 15, 1998

  November 30, 1998

  January 15, 1999

  March 1999

  Zoran Obradovic                   Stuart H. Rubin           
  Associate Professor               Associate Professor
  Elec. Eng. & Comp. Sci.           Dept. of Comp. Sci.
  Washington State University       Central Michigan University
  Pullman, WA 99164-2752, USA       Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859, USA
  zoran at eecs.wsu.edu                rubin at cps.cmich.edu




Recent technological developments, the rapid growth of the World Wide Web, 
and maturing corporate intranet structures have led to the rapid 
dissemination of huge amounts of financial news and information (newspaper 
articles, financial services information, corporate publications, stock 
exchange news, peer-reviewed financial journal articles, etc.). However, 
cost and time constraints prohibit an exhaustive search through or download 
of all potentially relevant financial news and information available on the 
Internet, for later analysis and processing. One possible solution is to 
distribute information sampling over a large number of locations in order 
to classify local data, construct a pool of relevant information, and 
generate useful rules that might be further analyzed or processed at a 
central location. This requires intelligent and dynamic domain decomposition, 
as well as flexible software agents for symbolic information processing.  

All papers submitted must focus on the data mining of financial news and 
information, and on applications of interest to financial analysis or 
decision-making, investing or trading. Of particular interest are algorithms 
and techniques that both incorporate computational intelligence and are 
unique or especially relevant to financial tasks. Authors are invited to 
submit papers on the design of automated, scalable, distributed knowledge 
discovery systems for financial information mining on the Internet, to address
issues related to: 

-  search strategies
-  knowledge representation
-  reasoning mechanisms
-  learning algorithms

Suggested topics include but are not limited to the following: 
-  intelligent software agent structures
-  sampling strategies for mining the World Wide Web 
-  distributed search algorithms for mining financial news 
-  collaborative and heuristic search methods 
-  statistical text mining 
-  incremental knowledge discovery methods 
-  financial news and information quality 
-  dynamic domain decomposition 
-  expert and decision-based strategies 
-  knowledge representation issues  
-  knowledge-base design and segmentation 
-  communications and query issues
-  Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF)
-  Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language (KQML)
-  semantic nets and frames
-  combining natural language processing and statistical text mining
-  algorithms for organizing, filtering and summarizing textual information
-  state space methods and issues
-  novel learning and reasoning algorithms

Submit 150 to 300 word abstract including full name(s) and affiliation(s) of 
the author(s), complete mailing address and telephone numbers of all authors. 
Authors should provide a brief biographic sketch of themselves. Send abstracts 
  Post:   JCIF, P.O. Box 764, Haymarket, VA 20168 USA
  E-mail: ftpub at compuserve.com
  Fax:  1-703-753-2634


Papers must not have been previously published or currently submitted for 
publication elsewhere. All material must be provided in the English language.

Submit three copies of each paper. Papers must be formatted for 8.5x11-inch  
page format. Authors should provide a brief biographic sketch of themselves. 
Each copy submitted should include a page that contains the title of the paper, 
the full name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s), complete mailing address 
and telephone numbers of all authors, and a 150 to 300 word abstract. The 
Journal reserves the right to edit all material to meet space requirements 
and to make grammatical and typographical corrections.

The final text should be 4000 to 6000 words in length, contain no more than 
15 references, and be provided as follows:
(1)     Hardcopy: printed and double-spaced, with notations for the location 
of graphics, mathematical equations, given  thereon, as necessary,
(2)     Softcopy: 
The PREFERRED FILE FORMAT is Word for Windows 3.1/95 (Word 6/7/97). Other 
acceptable software file formats are the following:
   Tex and LaTex using the required media format (Scientific Workplace 3.0
   preferred, use standard features)

The PREFERRED GRAPHICS formats are Windows 3.1/95 (*.bmp,*.wmf,*.eps). 
For other graphics formats, submit high-quality, camera-ready hardcopy, or
make an inquiry.

Include pseudo-code or source code in separate figures (listings). Extensive 
code listings may be published on the Web site because of space limitations
in the journal.

Text citations must use the following format: last name(s) of author(s), 
publication date and suffix (as necessary) in brackets. Example:
  (a) direct reference: Watkins and McCoy [1993a]
  (b) indirect reference: [Watkins and McCoy 1993a]

References must be listed alphabetically by the last name of the first 
author according to the following formats:
  Journal Article:  authors' names, publication date and suffix (as 
   necessary) in brackets, article title (in double quotations), 
   periodical title (in italics), volume and number, pages cited.
  Book: authors' names, publication date and suffix (as necessary) 
   in brackets, book title (in italics), publisher, publisher location, 
   pages cited.
  Chapter in Book/Proceedings:  authors' names, publication date and 
   suffix (as necessary) in brackets, chapter title (in double 
   quotations), editors' names, book title (in italics), publisher, 
   location, pages cited.

Send all manuscripts by Post to:             

   Editors, JCIF, P.O. Box 764, Haymarket, VA 20168 USA
      F I N A L       C A L L       F O R        P A P E R S      

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