Trbls - timed blast search utility - is available for win95/NT4

Russell Malmberg russell at dogwood.botany.uga.edu
Mon Aug 3 12:19:54 EST 1998

There is a new version of Trbls (version 0.55), my Timed-Run-Blast
-Search accessory program for Windows 95 or NT4.  Versions are
available for both intel and alpha CPUs.

Trbls is a utility designed to partially automate some aspects of
routine blast searches.  The user can select multiple sequences, set
their blast search parameters, and then schedule runs for some time.
You might set your favorite sequences to be run every Saturday at 4 AM,
for example.
Trbls will perform both regular and gapped blast searches, and it will
return output in HTML format, which leads to direct links to the
sequences of interest.

I wanted to have a timed program like Trbls for my own blast searches,
so I wrote this, and am distributing it in the hope that others will
find it useful.

Trbls uses slightly modified two blast clients from NCBI to actually
perform the search (blastcl2 and blastcl3).  All the credit for the
blast functionality should thus go to NCBI (with particular thanks from
me to Tom Madden).

You can get Trbls by entering these references directly into your web
browser, or by going to my software page.

  for Windows 95 or Windows NT4 (intel processor):

  for Windows NT4 (alpha processor):

  my software web page page:

What to do when you get it:
-- unzip in some useful directory (C:\Program Files\Trbls, for example)
-- follow the directions in Setup.txt file.
-- read the "getting started" section of the Trbls.hlp file.
    sample input and output files are included.

Please send me your comments on the program, the help file, or anything
else about Trbls.

 Russell L. Malmberg
 russell at dogwood.botany.uga.edu

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