BP2.pm for NCBI Blast 2?

josephryan at yahoo.com josephryan at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 3 17:41:04 EST 1998

> Has anyone modified Ian Korf's BP2.pm to support NCBI BLAST v2.0x


NHGRI::Blastall.pm is not a modification of Ian Korf's code but the
functionality is similar.   I have included the Release announcement.
NHGRI::Blastall.pm is Alpha software but should be helpful.  If you
have questions, comments, or suggestions send me mail to


This message is to announce the first public alpha release of
NHGRI::Blastall.pm.  Docs and other info available at
http://genome.nhgri.nih.gov/blastall/.  Feedback is appreciated.

This module is designed to run NCBI's standalone BLAST or initialize
existing BLAST reports and provide access for various elements of
the report. Blastall.pm also provides a filter method which allows
for filtering against an ecoli, repeat or any other database.
The motivation behind NHGRI::Blastall.pm was for it
to work with the forthcoming version of our NHGRI-WebBLAST

NHGRI::Blastall.pm and NHGRI-WebBLAST are public domain software.

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  Wayne Kauffman <kauffman_e_wayne_ii at lilly.com> wrote:
> BLAST parsing time....
> Has anyone modified Ian Korf's BP2.pm to support NCBI BLAST v2.0x and is
> the modified BP2 code available? I am trying not to re-invent the wheel
> if it has been already accomplished.  :-)
> Wayne Kauffman
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> Indianapolis, IN 46285
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> wayne at lilly.com

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