seeking advice on jobs in biotech / medicine

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Sat Aug 1 15:49:26 EST 1998

By the sound of your background, I doubt very much you will have a 
problem getting an interesting position here in the US. If you are 
interested in getting an industrial position, you might also want to 
think about getting an academic biocomputing position in a 'hot' area, 
such as the NorthEastern seaboard, the Carolinas, San Francisco, San Diego
etc. This has the advantage of giving you some time to check out local 
biocomputing needs in biotechs and also the chance to network.

Mirko Froehlich 
(Mirko.Froehlich at bigfoot.com) wrote: : Hi!
: I am a German student of computer science graduating soon (with a
: degree equal to the Master of Science), after which I am planning to
: move to the USA, as I also possess the American citizenship. My minor
: has been theoretical medicine, and I am very interested in medicine
: and biotechnology, e.g. in genetics, so I would enjoy working in these
: fields as a software engineer, algorithms developer, etc. The perfect
: job would involve both computer science and medicine / biotech. I am
: also very interested in computer graphics, which have played a large
: role in my studies, so e.g. medical imaging, visualization, virtual
: reality, etc. would be very challenging. I am seeking any advice you
: can give me about jobs in these fields, especially interesting
: companies, preferably in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have already
: sent a job application to several companies, but I guess there are a
: lot more I have not heard of yet.
: Bye,
: 	Mirko Froehlich.

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