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Heinz J. Schaefers schaefers at sun.XuchcX.edu
Mon Sep 29 15:39:27 EST 1997

Dominique LANGIN wrote:

> Hello,
> We are in need for a complete and easy-to-use DNA analysis software
> for MAC.
> We would be grateful to have an evaluation from users on the following
> programs: lasergene, macvector, mac DNAsis and others. Geneworks
> appears to
> us as the software of choice but the development has been recently
> interrupted.
> Thanks for your help,
> Dominique Langin
> Institut Louis Bugnard
> Bat. L3, CHU Rangueil
> F-31403 Toulouse Cedex 4
> Tel : (33) 5 62172950
> FAX : (33) 5 61331721
> E-mail : langin at rangueil.inserm.fr


We have recently tested Lasergene and Gene Construction Kit 2.

Lasergene (DNASTAR) is very good, and you only have to buy the modules
you need (i.e. align, primerselect, editseq, Seqman, mapdraw...), but
this does'nt make it cheap...its VERY expensive (about $5000 for all
you can get a demo version (runs 1 month) to test it:
go to: http://www.dnastar.com  

Gene Construction Kit 2 (Textco) is a very good plasmid drawing program,
it converts a DBA sequence into a linear or circular graph. it also has
a powerfull restriction site search function. Price: $299
you can also get a demo (save and print disabled):
go to: http://www.textco.com

Heinz J. Schaefers, Ph.D.
University of Connecticut Health Center
Dept. of Physiology
Farmington, CT
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