safety in DNA/RNA analysis on-line...

Reto Koradi kor at mol.biol.ethz.ch
Fri Sep 26 06:35:22 EST 1997

Ola Ween wrote:
> Does anyone know how safe analysis/searches performed online is?? Is it
> possible to pick up (sensitive) data from let`s say a BLAST search or a
> multiple sequence alignment.

As long as the server does not use secure connections, you certainly
have to assume that the data you submit can be picked up by other
people. If the server is secure, the transfer is safe (i. e. as safe
as the encryption method used), but of course it's still decoded at
the servers site, so it depends on how much you trust the service
provider and the safety of their system.
Reto Koradi (kor at mol.biol.ethz.ch, http://www.mol.biol.ethz.ch/~kor)

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