Terminal Pacity

John Smith user at isp.com
Mon Sep 22 16:28:57 EST 1997

AL's SoftWare Presents:

T E R M I N A L     P A C I T Y

... a game by Don Williamson   [KARALIOTH at GEOCITIES.COM]
[57 Wathen Road * Leamington Spa * Warwickshire * CV32 5UY * ENGLAND]

$5 ShareWare - the cheapest game EVER!   Goto
http://alsoftware.dyn.ml.org/~alsoft/software/termpac or
http://www.rocketdownload.com/Details/Arca/pacsetup.htm  to download a
NAG-free ShareWare DEMO.

T H E    M O S T     A D I C T I V E   G A M E   E V E R!

Great Graphics, Great Sound, BEST GAME-PLAY since the original Mario!
Easy to install/play (= but very difficult to STOP =)

... plus the registered version includes:
 * THE FULL VERSION - Bigger & Better!!!!!
 * A COMPLETE, easy to use level editor!
 * B2PCX Graphics Changer - Change the ingame graphics in 5 minutes!
 * A total of 8!!! Levels!  (plus the obility to use additional level
 * More graphics!
 * More monsters!
 * Ability to save up to 5 games!
 * Ability to change the number of lives Pac starts with!
 * An easy conscience...


   I personally believe that Terminal Pacity is the most exciting game ever
made!  I was playing it 4-8 hours a day for the past two month (its kinda
like meditation, only more fun!).  Try it, and Im sure that you'll agree.  I
am so confident that Terminal Pacity is the best game ever made; I will
agree to the following (UseNet posting are identical to "verbal contracts")
:  If you try Terminal Pacity and you DON'T think its the best game ever
made, email me at alsoft at programmer.net; and I will *buy* you a REGISTERED
     -Alex Libman, CEO of AL's SoftWare.

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