Synonymous/Non-synonymous changes

Carla Kuiken kuiken at t10.lanl.gov
Fri Sep 19 09:38:09 EST 1997


MEGA does this. It's a PC program, costs $25 (when I last looked) and
it's also a nifty tree-building package. It's written by Kumar, Tamura
and Nei.

Kumar S, Tamura K, Nei M. 1994           
    MEGA: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis software for
    Comput Appl Biosci 10(2), 189-191 (1994) 

Email: imeg at psuvm.psu.edu
Fax: 814-836-7336

Good luck.


Wayne Bolton wrote:
> I would appreciate suggestions on software available to do pairwise
> sequence comparisons on synonymous/non-synonymous substitutions.
> Thanks
> Wayne

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