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John Wickham johnshel at real.net.au
Fri Sep 19 00:18:57 EST 1997

********************* JRAK Biosignals Close Out Sale 

JRAK Biosignals has made quality equipment for the medical and 
research fraternerty for over 10 years. We are quitting this market as 
world of physiological reaserch has moved on to other areas such as 
biotechnology etc.
Thus we are offering a final opportunity to our customers to get 
equipment at a 50%

JRAK will continue to service and support our existing customers, but 
will not make 
any more equipment of this type.

This is a list of our current stock, selling for 50% of the list price.

List Price
Instrumentation Racks
	1x	RK8	Instrumentation Rack (240V)			

Rack-mounted modules
	1x	SA.1	Dual channel Scaling Amplifier			
	1x	PA.2	Pressure Amplifer				
	1x	WD.1	Window Discriminator				
	1x	ST.1	Isolated Stimulator				
	1x	BA.1	Biological Amplifier				
	1x	BA.2	Isoloated biological amplifier			
	2x	NR.1	Nerve Ratemeter					
$1090 ea
	1x	EI.1	EMG Integrator					
	1x	IA.1	Intracellular/Microelectrode			
	1x	F.1	Dual channel Signal Filter			
	1x	MA.1	Audio Monitor					

Stand-Alone Units
	2x	BA.2b	Isolated Biological Amplifiers			
$1425 ea
	1x	IA.1b	Intracellular/Microelectrode Amplifier		
	1x	MA.1b	Audio Monitor					

Analogue-Digital Converter
	1x	JLINK A/D Converter - with JVIEW software		


Prices are in $AUS, FOB melbourne and exclude sales tax.

Reply to johnshel&real.net.au  or david.walker at med.monash.edu.au
for further information.

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