CCD Video Capture

Michael Irwin bio-rad at inlink.com
Tue Sep 16 00:56:45 EST 1997

In article <green-1109970918260001 at jerky.salk.edu>, green at salk.edu (Tim
Green) wrote:

> This relates to hardware as well as software, but this was the most
> relevant newsgroup.
> We are interested in purchasing a microscope and CCD video capture system
> for neural imaging (in situs and imaging of neurons in culture).  As a
> primarily mac based lab, we would prefer a mac based capture card and
> software.  Does anyone have any experience/suggestions on available cards
> and cameras, distributors in the US and prices?  We have quotes from Leica
> and Zeiss, but both have specified Win95 capture cards.

Hi Tim,

This should be a simple project. The proper CCD video cam is going to
generate a simple 640 x480 pixels NTSC format feedable into most any Mac
capture board from a simple $200 ATI Exclaim VR up to a $4000 Targus or
better...uh, the VR will do fine IMHO.

The simplest solution is to call a knowledgeable local microscope vendor.
He'll know about the proper c-mount and adapter ring to mount a variety of
cheap Sony or other cameras. Then you need an adapter box that converst
the camera's cabling down to S-video or Composite compatible with the
aforementioned cards. Another and easiest solution is of course to get an
AV Mac which is ready to take such a signal out of the box.

Good luck.

Cheers, Mike Irwin

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