Help Wanted: A free program to draw circular plasmids: for Mac or PC

Alexander Garcia Castro agarcia at ACCEFYN.ORG.CO
Sat Sep 13 23:13:40 EST 1997

Plasmid Processor is a simple tool for plasmid presentation for
scientific and educational  purposes. It features both circular and
linear DNA, user defined restriction sites, genes and multiple cloning
site. In addition you can manipulate plasmid by inserting and deleting
fragments. Created drawings can be copied to clipboard or saved to disk
for later use. Printing from within program is also supported.
For further information please contact the authors by e-mail,
plasmid at uku.fi.

Visit Plasmid Processor homepage at

Programming team: T. Kivirauma, P. Oikari and J. Saarela.

Plasmid Processor is freeware, so you can use and distribute it freely.

Hope it helps.
W R Bennett wrote:

> In the referenced article, oba at oba.oba (Obab=E1) writes:
> >Hello Everybody!
> >As you can see from the title of this post, I need a program
> >(preferencially free or shareware), that can make diagrams of
> >circular plasmids.
> >I would appreciate a lot if someone could point out a site in the
> >web where I could get such a program.
> >Thanks in advance!
> >
> http://www.hytti.uku.fi/~kiviraum/plasmid/plasmid.html
> Plasmid Processor. It's by no means perfect, but it's free and it doe=
> the job.
> Cheers,
> Bill Bennett

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