Good C compiler for Mac?

Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at BIOKIN.COM
Sat Sep 13 18:03:54 EST 1997

oxidizer at INTERLOG.COM wrote:
> As part of a fourth-year undergraduate reserach project, I need 
> (...snip...) a good C compiler for a PowerMac

Petr Kuzmic wrote:
> How about getting
> hold (by a license transfer or whatever) of an obsolete copy? It should
> do fine for your student project.

Andy Law wrote:
> Completely illegal if you are currently using (or intend to use in the
> future) the up to date version of the said programs.

I guess that would be illegal, wouldn't it...  Just thinking, if I were
an undergraduate student who is faced with a one-time, small programming
project, maybe I would download the trial version of CodeWarrior C/C++
from http://www.metrowerks.com/products/cw/lite/.  You can't include
additional files into projects, but all source files are editable.  It's
a start...

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